About the National Freedom Party

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote, secure and motivate a society that is not only politicallly emancipated but also to ensure that, through empowerment and meaningful service delivery, substantive economic emancipation is achieved.

To embrace and defend the core values of integrity, respect, justice, solidarity and self discipline within the party. We are a political party established early in 2011, first announced in Durban City Hall on the 25th January 2011 and launched officially on the 12th February 2011 in Durban at Curriesfountain Sports Complex.
National Freedom Party - South African Political Party

Committed to practical improvement

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The National Freedom Party is committed to practical improvement to the lives of our fellow countrymen of all levels and believe that this can only be achieved by working hard, honesty and practice of good governance. We humbly submit and are sure many of you out there would agree that South Africa needs NFP more than ever before. We understand that some of you probably value this organization as much as we do and feel just as passionate about it or perhaps even more so. The National Freedom Party being the youngest political party has become an effective political home for many South Africans across the country.

In all our endeavors to serve our communities, we would like to ensure that the overwhelming and warm reception that this party has and is enjoying and the hope that it brings is recorded and kept alive. We owe it to our generations to make this country a better place to live in.