Campaigns by the National Freedom Party

Orange Fridays

Objective of the campaign: To have greater cohesion amongst our members and supporters; and also help them become active participants in growing and promoting the party to a deserved state of growth.

Activity: All NFP Members and supporters wear their orange Branded NFP outfit every Friday.

On these days our members and supporters have an opportunity to interact with community members and increase awareness of the party's vision and mission.
It is with this in mind that the NFP decided to declare Orange Fridays for all its members and supporters.

Serving our communities is high on the Agenda for the NFP and therefore sees this project as a way in which we can rally up our members and supporters to become active participants in the eradication of social ills and making a meaningful contribution to society at large.

If you wish to have the NFP Branded outfits please contact your branch leaders in order to become ambassadors for meaningful change in our communities.

Vision 2014

Objective of the campaign:
  • NFP to get / obtain a minimum of 1.8million votes / supporters in the 2014 National and Provincial elections
  • NFP to Govern KwaZulu-Natal
  • NFP to increase representation in all other provincial legislatures.

Activity - It is the duty of all our members and supporters to:  

  • Grow the party by promoting its vision and mission
  • Ensure that service delivery reaches all South African Citizens in the their respective areas (our public representatives those voted into municipal positions jointly with members)
  • Fight the prevalence of maladministration and corruption in all spheres of government.
  • On the previous Local Government elections which NFP contested while it was only 3 months old, we came as number 4 largest party with almost 400,000 votes which saw the party getting more than 227 seats in various municipalities and taking control of 2 municipalities in KwaZulu-Natal.

NFP has councillors in the following provinces; Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West, Eastern Cape and has extended its membership to provinces such as Western Cape, Northern Cape, Free State and Limpopo.

With this achievement; NFP is confident that reaching this vision is possible.